Involve your Dog

Doggie Yin Yoga classes and Pet First Aid

A few times per year, there is a very special Yin Yoga session in Rampton. One that involves your dog(s)!

We meet up at the field across from the Rampton Village Hall, so the dogs can say hello to each other and have a run or walk around for about 45 minutes. Then we make our way to the hall and settle in together with the dogs.

For the next 90 minutes the humans will enjoy the relaxation and calm of a Yin Yoga session. This creates a special atmosphere that the dogs pick up on. After their initial curiosity, the dogs will settle down with their human and enjoy the session in their own way. Some in more surprising ways – so make sure you bring a dose of humour to the session!

These sessions have proven to be a lovely time for bonding between the dogs and between the dogs and humans – both making new friends.

Doggie Yin Yoga dates

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Pet First Aid is coming soon! Contact me to register your interest.

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