Hi and welcome to Mi-Time

Mi-Time basically is Miranda de Vries, but I sometimes work with other teachers as well. I started Mi-Time Wellbeing Ltd because I like to help people feel better. I am not a typical fitness fanatic, but I do love to feel a movement come together. Over the years, I have developed a passion for showing others how they can feel better by moving better.

My thinking is that we can play in primary school, do sports in secondary school and after that, we must ‘exercise’. I feel that life is too short for that. I still want to play! Unfortunately, we have forgotten how to move our body to play and I am here to help you with that.

Further, I love to read and I channel all the little goodies that I pick up along the way back into the sessions.

There are three parts to Mi-Time, all aiming to help you find wellbeing for yourself and for those you love. And that could include your (and my) canine friends!

I offer fitness and wellbeing classes (mainly Pilates and Yin Yoga), workshops, small group First Aid and Pet First Aid sessions, and we even have a “bring your dog(s) to Yin Yoga” session.

I have been helping people to think, feel, and move better for over 15 years.

My fitness career started in 2002 at Premier Training with their Personal Training and Massage Therapy Diploma course. I love learning and since then many courses have followed, including Exercise to Music, Future Fit’s Pilates Intermediate and Advance, Life Coaching, Exercise for Stroke and Teenagers, fitness for Older Adults, Aerial Pilates and most recently several Yin Yoga courses.

In 2011, I became the first instructor outside of the USA trained to teach FlexAware® and FlexAware® Pilates sessions.

I completed my first aid course in 1989 as a volunteer with the Dutch Red Cross. Ever since, throughout different phases of my life and in different countries and with different purposes, I have been updating my First Aid knowledge. In 2013, I became a First Aid Instructor in the UK.

I am firmly committed to education and growing everyday.

For more information on any of my classes or to book, please contact me at miranda@mi-time.eu

Mi-Time wellbeing goals


Mi-Time helps you to discover that movement is FUN! Your body was designed to move and play. Through movement you are able to (re)connect your body, mind and spirit.


Listening to what your body tells you will help you make choices that will make you feel better – both short and long term. You will start to understand what kind of activity you and your body enjoy, what kind of fuel it needs and when your stress levels need addressing. Your body is your best guide to lifestyle choices. You learn how to cope with those and get stronger.


Once you start to live better in your own body, you start to create a better environment around you. Feeling good gives you space to develop interests in other activities too and the energy and confidence to pursue those interests. Mi-Time classes as just the start of something much bigger.

Fitness Classes



Stretch, tone and connect your mind, body and spirit. Gain body awareness and control.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow form of Yoga with gentle postures that are held for longer periods of time.



Effective gentle movements that feel good for people of all ages and all health conditions.

Stand to Strength
fitness-and-wellbeing stand-to-strength

Stand to Strength

Stand to Strength is for those who do not want to do a floor-based class, but want the same benefits.



Saturday morning workshops with a choice of Pilates, Yin Yoga or Colour Analysis.